Consulting/Software Development

Consulting provides technical consulting services for both the small and large organizations, public or private. With over 35 years of experience in Information Technology we can assist in business analysis, project management and personnel management. We are also trained in technical recruiting, as well as technical organization building.

WordPress Development

We can provide assistance in the development of your company or organization’s website using WordPress. Contact us to review your needs.

Application/Database Development

Quick access to your information is critical. We program custom database applications to improve productivity. MS Access provides data validation and user-friendly features on data entry screens. Advanced table design makes your database shareable and fast. We perform database design, form and reporting development using the latest version of Microsoft Access.


Virtual software development is a concept where a company or individual’s programming needs are fulfilled without contract staff being on-site. Progress updates are provided by e-mail or telephone. The transfer of the final code and related documentation is done through file transfer protocol (FTP), e-mail or on electronic media.

Project work can be done on a fixed-price or hourly basis.

Included in the development project costs are:

  • Discussions to develop the project scope and a specification document
  • Design time
  • Programming
  • Testing/Review with client
  • Training and Documentation
  • Support for three (3) months*

* The support does not include moving the database to a new operating system or a newer version of Microsoft Access. This does include bug fixes and answers to project related technical questions.

Please contact us to discuss your software needs.


Nvoke created a database for Serenity Place at a pivotal time for us that exceeded every expectation we had. The company was responsive, timely and worked to solve problems we had no idea of knowing we would encounter. Thanks!
— Serenity Place, Non-Profit

Highly skilled in Access and did an amazing job translating my complex requirements into a database. What sets him apart is his communication skills. Paul was excellent at clarifying my requests and explaining things in terms I could understand, all of which saved lots of time. He took genuine interest in the project and actively sought out new skills and information to achieve some of the more advanced functionality I desired. Along the way he produced very professional documentation and user’s guides, so I feel confident I have an end product that meets my needs and understand how to use. I recommend highly.
— Commercial Real Estate Database 

Probably one of the fastest and most professional freelancers I ever worked with. A database master. Will hire again.
— Database to Compare Monthly Data to Lifetime Data